Your Delivery

We do not require you to be at home to receive your delivery – just give instructions with your order as to where the bags are to be deposited.  There may be occasions where someone has to be in to open a locked gate and we will do our utmost to accommodate such requirements, but this may entail a delay in your delivery.

We are happy to make multiple drops within the same (or adjacent) street as part of a bulk order being shared between neighbours.  In these situations we only issue one invoice to an individual for easier payment.

We recognise that the bags are heavy and endeavour to place them wherever is convenient for you within the garden.  However, we do ask that in giving us instructions you take into account any hazards such as slippery steps or narrow openings.  Also please be considerate to the delivery team in terms of distance they have to carry the bags from the truck.  Dog owners please ensure that your dogs will not be a risk to our delivery team.  The delivery team are instructed to use their discretion.

Postcode Delivery Zones

Zone Postcode
Local EH1 – EH42
Zone 1 EH43 – EH55, TD1 -TD3, TD13
Zone 2 FK1 – FK3, KY11, TD4, TD6, TD10, TD11, TD14
Zone 3 FK4 – FK7, FK10, KY1 – KY7, KY12, KY13, ML7, TD5, TD15
Zone 4 FK9, FK11 – FK16, G1 – G45, G51 – G53, G64 – G75, KY8 – KY10, KY14 – KY16, ML1 – ML6, ML8 – ML12, PH2 – PH4, TD7 – TD9, TD12
Any other postcode not listed above We are able to deliver to all areas, please contact us and we will endeavour to get the best price from the hauliers

For delivery to postcode areas outwith our postcode zones please contact us for delivery options. We can use contract hauliers to deliver you order for you on a pallet and delivery can only be guaranteed to the kerbside in this instance

Delivery of Small Bags (50L)

Delivery is free for orders over £35 within Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian.  For other areas out with these, please see the Postcode Delivery Zone table above.

Please note :  Please be 100% certain that access is possible, if the delivery vehicle cannot make the delivery you will still have to pay the transport costs.


Small Bag Delivery Table


Zone Cost per order
Local £6 if order is under £35
Zone 1 £6
Zone 2 £12
Zone 3 £18
Zone 4 £24
Any other postcode not listed We are able to deliver to all areas, please contact us and we will endeavour to get the best price from the hauliers