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Composts & Peat

Finding the right compost for your growing needs is one of the most important factors for the health and wellbeing of your plants, whether starting them from seed, potting on or planting into their final positions. We have a compost suitable for all situations, taking the hassle out of choosing a compost.


Plant Feeding is important to the long term growth and health of flowers, shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetables. Our slow release fertilisers can be used on the lawn to promote growth in spring and prepare the roots for winter in addition to being perfect for beds, borders and pots.


Giving your garden a coverage of 2” or more of mulch provides a vast number of benefits, during very dry weather, a layer of Special Summer Mulch will help maintain soil moisture levels as well as a stable soil temperature meaning your plants will be stronger and healthier. Using Special Winter Mulch will help protect from frost during the ever more unpredictable winters.

Sand & De-Icer

Using Coarse Sharp Sand is a traditional method of soil improvement, as it helps to physically open up the structure of the soil and aid drainage. De-Icing Rock Salt is ideal for your path, driveway or road. Salt helps prevent accidents in the winter by quickly de-icing the area surrounding your home or place of work in adverse weather conditions.

Soil Improvers

The value of soil improving and particularly mulching is regularly promoted in gardening programmes and publications. Adding organic matter into the soil helps to improve the structure as well as providing additional natural feeding for your garden. Try our ever popular Reshredded Mushroom Compost to help break-up any type of problem soil, a must for anyone battling with difficult clay soil.

Top Soil & Gravel

Our top quality Top Soil is rich and dark in appearance, friable, packed with natural organic matter and full of humus, this makes it perfect for use in raised beds and incorporating into the soil while digging in new plants. Drainage gravel can be used to ease waterlogged ground by creating channels in the soil and can also be used to line the bottom of pots to allow excess water to filter out through the drainage holes.

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